Get an instant bronzed glow in our VersaSpa Sunless spray tan booth! With several different application types - our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right solution for your skin tone. Our VersaSpa tans will last 7-10 days after your application. Try a session in our Hydration Spa prior to your sunless session to maximize your application & increase the longevity of your spray tan! Choose from a whole body session, or try just a legs or face session if you need a little boost! 

BEFORE your sunless visit:


- Spray tan 24-48 hrs before your event

- Shower, Shave & Exfoliate before arriving

- Wear loose fitting clothing to your session

- Bring Fresh Skin! (no makeup, perfumes, lotions)

AFTER your sunless session:


- Avoid showering & heavy (sweaty) activities for at least 4-6 hrs

- Moisturize every day

- And always call us for any questions/concerns after your visit

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