Our Services

Hydro Massage & Hydration Spa

 Hydro Massage and Hydration Spa Prices are the same. Mix and Match your sessions when you purchase multiple sessions in bulk. 

Hydro Massage

 Our Hydro Massage gives an all sides body massage by using heat & water pressure to provide pain & stress relief. Relax & Refresh with this on-demand treatment. Our Hydro Massage is a 30 min treatment and set up in a private, spa-like room with aromatherapy.  

Hydration Spa

Our Hydration Spa is a full body deep skin conditioning treatment

that uses infrared heat and steam. We infuse rich moisturizers

into your treatment to help reduce fine-lines and aging, make skin soft

and supple as well as improve your tanning results. Recommended to use 2x a week for 2 weeks, then once a week after to maintain results.


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